Mishkal Mosque

A 650 year old mosque that is designed like a temple. This ancient mosque is a symbol of cultural and religious harmony in the region. The mosque was burnt down by the Portuguese and was later built to a 4 storey building.


Tali Siva Temple

A temple patronized by the Zamorin rulers, this is a large temple complex built approximately 600 years back in wood and laterite. The temple walls have a very unique elephant belly designed that is one of a kind.



Kerala Institute for Research Training and Development of Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes: The museum here houses the tools and devices that have been used by ancient tribal communities of Kerala.


Mananchira Square

A large area that once housed a fort has now been converted into a large lawn and park alongside a very large tank, a water resource that feeds the drinking water requirements of the city.


Kappad Beach

The famous Portuguese Vasco da Gama landed on this beautiful beach in 1498 thereby opening up trade between India and Europe. This beautiful beach has rocks all over the beach.



In other words big bazaar, this is a region that has witnessed the growth of Calicut as the global trade hub. This is the nerve center for trade even today after 600 years of existence and has people from different states doing business over generations.


Pattalla Palli

Or military mosque was built during the Mysore Invasion by Tipu Sulthan's men while guarding the palace.


Basel Mission Church

The church built in 1842 by the Basel Mission, this is a large church designed in European and Kerala styles.


Mother Of God Cathedral

A large cathedral built in 1533 by the Portuguese dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Immaculate Conception. This is a one of a kind cathedral designed by Italian architects specially brought down for the purpose.



A small town located 10 kms south of the city is world famous for the dhow making industry. This is indeed the world's largest handicraft. A single dhow( wooden boat) take upto 2 years to make.


Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

An apt place for anyone who wants to watch migratory birds, this is close to the city although it falls in the neighboring district. The sanctuary is spread over a cluster of islands.



Located across the tank within the Mananchira Square, the Commonwealth Handloom Weaving Factory was set up in 1844 by the Basel Mission.



The oldest mosque in the city, this mosque is located very close to the Mishkal Mosque. The mosque has wood carving that depicts lotus and animals which is not something found in mosques.


Jama Palli

Another old mosque that can accommodate a thousand worshippers, this mosque has extensive woodwork even on the ceiling that reminds one of temples in Kerala.


Pazhassiraja Museum And Art Gallery

Built in 1812, the bungalow was used as the residence for the then British Collector and later on used by Wiiliam Logan, the author of Malabar Manual, the bungalow is said to have also housed H V Connolly, the famous District Magistrate.


Kallai Timber Yard

Once the epicenter of timber trade in Malabar, was the largest timber trading center until recent times. Today, all you can see is the shadow of its glorious past.


Calicut Beach

The beach in the city is where the locals come to relax in the evenings. What one never fails to notice are a set of two sea bridges that are now shattered with time.